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How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America
Without Leaving Your Home or Office

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Top 10 Telephone Tips to Make Your
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How to Get On The Radio Soft Cover Perfect Bound Book - 17 Chapters
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Imagine YOUR Product or Service Selling in the Thousands!

Denver Author Reveals Secret He Used

to Sell Over $357,000 Worth of Books
Without Leaving His Home


A Complete Training System That Walks You
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I would like to learn how to get FREE Radio Publicity for my book, product or service!
I would like to discover the ease of booking radio interviews by phone, fax, e-mail or mail.
Show me how to structure a successful radio show interview AND get invited back again and again!

From the computer of Joe Sabah
Friday, 11:51 AM
Re: Self Promote Your Book, CD, Product or Yourself Through Radio Publicity


Dear Entrepreneur,

If you're like many entrepreneurs, you LOVE to make money but you really dislike the details for collecting it!

Well, there's a GREAT solution. I found this solution because I don't like to collect money either! In my case this solution was tailored for book sales, but this solution will work for any product or service that you are offering! AND it is FREE!

Allow me to explain. When I co-authored and self-published my book: "How to Get the Job You Really Want and Get Employers to Call You," I checked with bookstores and distributors about how to get my book into the "mainstream." I learned the shocking truth: the average length of time book sellers and distributors take to pay their invoices is 104 days.

Wow! Over 3 months. And, remember, I'm the guy who doesn't like to follow up on accounts receivables to collect money.

That's when I discovered a GREAT SECRET that would:

  • Sell my books without me having to leave my home AND
  • Have the money in MY bank even BEFORE I sent out the books

Now, YOU can turn that valuable truth into a Gold Mine!

"Joe Sabah taught me as much about broadcast in sixty minutes as I'd learned in the previous decade! A toast to YOU."

Ty Boyd, National Speaker, Charlotte, N.C.

Here's My Secret

One of my habits is reading magazines from the back to the front. One night, I was reading a magazine that had several pages of Classified Ads in the back, so I started to read them hoping they would make me drowsy and I could fall asleep. They almost did until I came across an ad which grabbed my attention. I couldn't believe my eyes. I read it again and again. I wanted to call this number at 1:30 a.m., but I held off until morning.

Here was the answer to my question: "How could I market our book How to Get the Job You Really Want - and Get Employers to Call You" to the rest of the people in the United States and help them get the jobs they really wanted and not have to worry about collections?"

The ad?


Exactly 8 am , I called the number and reached a publicist in New York City. He told me he booked authors for radio talk show interviews and charged $60.00 per show. I was ready to say "Give me 3 shows," but he said: "20 show minimum!"

After I gulped, I answered: "That's $1,200.00! Let me think this over and check out your references and get back to you."

His references checked out, so I sent him my check for $1,200.00 plus 20 copies of my book. I was PAYING $1,200.00 PLUS the cost of my books to get on twenty radio shows!

With my Radio Talk Show System, you will learn how
to get on hundreds of radio shows for a fraction of that amount.

He did his job. He booked me on 20 talk shows. (I'm glad he didn't let me book only 3 shows . . . because it takes 10 to 15 shows just to learn what to say.)

After 20 shows, I was selling 40 books per show (Over $550.00 at full retail). Then I received a second call from my New York publicist asking: "Do you want to do it again?" I said, "Of course." That's when he hit me with $75.00 per show. I blurted out, "That's $1,500.00." But it was worth it financially, so I sent him my check for $1,500.00.

I didn't know then that I could book myself FOR FREE!
Which is what my radio system will teach you!

Radio Guest

Did you know that American radio stations need thousands of guests PER DAY to fill their shows? If you have something to talk about, they need YOU!

Radio Guest

Statistics point out that 65% of radio talk show guests are authors! That's right! That means if you already have a information product you have a ready made audience.

Radio Guest

Do you have something that will make people's lives better? Can you save them time? Help them financially? Tell them an amazing story? Teach them something new? Get them arguing about a controversial topic? Enrich their lives?

Radio Guest

Regardless of where you are right now, if you have something that will make a difference, a product, a service, a book, an idea - YOU can tap into the unlimited availability of radio publicity.

But back to my story. I just knew there had to be a BETTER WAY.

The third time the publicist called and asked, "Do you want to do it again?" I asked "How much?" His reply: $100.00 per show. That's when I said to myself "Joe, you've learned a lot about doing Radio Talk Shows in the last 40 shows. There's got to be a better way, an easier way, a less expensive way." AND THERE IS!

I discovered there really wasn't as much mystery to getting on radio talk shows as I had first imagined. So over the next 4 months I invested nearly $4,000.00 in hiring a college student to call radio stations to find which had a talk format, and which ones are willing to interview me by phone.

And, with every radio talk show interview I was perfecting my presentation. I also found an answering service who could take calls and orders from anywhere in the United States 24/7.

You know those “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books? You know how many books they’ve sold? 80 MILLION at last count!

When asked what their secret was, the authors Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield replied, “We did hundreds of telephone interviews with radio stations across the country. Our sales went through the roof!”

P.S. - Early in their marketing, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield used MY Radio Talk Show System to Sell their Chicken Soup books!

Now, let's talk about HOW YOU CAN GET STARTED.  These principles work for me
each day and they can work for you, too.

Over $357,000.00 In Book Sales Without Leaving Home

I just finished Radio Talk Show interview #720.
Results to date: 23,250 books sold at $19.95 =
Over $357,000.00!

Imagine YOUR product or service selling in the thousands, while you market from the comfort of your own home.

People started asking: "How do you do it?" That's when I sat down at my Macintosh computer and decided to share with other authors and publishers everything I learned about "How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office."

I've Put Together a Radio Talk Show System Which Includes:

  1. A 17 Chapter book "How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office."

  2. Current database on CD (for pc or Mac) of 900+ Talk Shows with call letters of the stations, their addresses and phone AND FAX numbers, the number of Watts and the name of the talk show, the name of host and producer in charge of each show. Also, web address and e-mails on many of these shows (I update this database every year every January because turn-over in radio stations is constant.)

    SPECIAL BONUS! Buy One Get One Offer

    You receive one future update of the database for FREE! (no time limit) This alone is a $247 VALUE!

  3. 60 min. audio CD "How to Get On Radio Talk Shows." In this one hour CD I guide you through the mysteries and magic of getting YOU booked on radio shows to promote your product or service. I share with you the shortcuts, the "to do's" and the "don't do's" so you will be successful immediately! Months of research and trial and error are condensed into this one hour, powerfulaudio CD

You are just a few days away from being a guest on your first radio talk show -- promoting yourself, your books, your CD's and from
making more money!

radio talk shows

Get Your Copy of The Radio Talk Show System, Now!Radio Guest

Everything you need to be your own publicist is in my Radio Talk Show System.

I'll send the system to you via U.S. Priority Mail, and it will be in your hands in only 2 or 3 days.

Joe Sabah

P.S. Does this system work?

Rex Borough wrote...

Joe, we have a winner! I'm using all the ideas from your Radio Talk Show Book. From the time the show started we had phone calls, usually four lines lit up. The bottom line: some $1,800 in sales during the next 24 hours and orders are still coming in...

Rex Borough, author
Tracking your Life and Times

Three ingredients (3) that will GUARANTEE your
success in promoting yourself, your books, your tapes:

  1. Current Database of 900+ Radio Talk Shows Who Interview Guests By Telephone Includes
    Call Letters of the Station
    Name of the Show
    Host's and Producer's Names
    Address, City, State, ZIP
    Phone and Email
    (power of the station)
    Web sites
    100% phone     90% emails

    Available on CD for Mac or PC which can be imported into any program with an import feature. NOTE: I update this database every year, because the turn-over in radio stations is so high.

  2. 17 Chapter Book - How to Get On Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office. Secrets, marketing ideas, and organizational tools that have been tested and that WORK!

  3. 60 min Audio CD - "How to Get On Radio Talk Shows from Your Home or Office." Listen to Joe's successes and learn all the short cuts it took him months to research and test!

Imagine - In as little as 7 to 10 days YOU could be marketing your product, book, or service on Radio Talk Shows from the comfort of your home. If you like, you can do it the way Joe does -- in his bathrobe!

So, what does Joe's complete Radio Show System, including book, audio CD and data base cost you? Remember when Joe started paying to be booked on radio shows?

AND REMEMBER... The publicity agent was charging $100 per show?

If Joe had PAID $100 for all the radio shows he has appeared on it would have cost him $65,200.00!

Oh, and by the way. Today's rates for appearances range from $200 to $300 PER SHOW with minimums of between $2,000 and $3,000 investment!

But you can get Joe's compete
Radio Talk Show System for just $247


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Talk Show Guests Soft Cover Perfect Bound Book - 17 Chapters

Talk Show Guests Audio CD - Packed Full of Short Cuts

Talk Show Guests Database with 900+ shows that interview guests


All For Just $247

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How much is just one good idea worth?
How much are a LOT of good ideas worth?

Idea's are a dime a dozen, the person who puts them into practice is priceless!!

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