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We all deserve to be singing
the song we came to sing!
Joe Sabah

How to Get the Job You Really Want
and Get Employers to Call You

Learn How to AUTOMATICALLY Attract Literally Hundreds of Employers And Get Them Calling You ... CALL YOU


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"How to Get the Job You Really Want and Get Employers to Call You" - NOW!

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Why should you stop sending resumes? Because resumes focus on the past. They talk about what you have done - rather than what you want to do!




I've created/invented the Gold Form, which is NOT a resume. Rather, it is a Sales Letter which highlights what a person's skills and talents are.



For every position from 'right out of high school or college' (see son Joe Sabah's form) to those over 40 who want to change careers completely (see Linda Smith form) my Jobs eBook has something for just about everyone.

  • Joe got three job offers in 3 days from sending out 37 Gold Forms.
  • Linda received 10 job offers, and went from a $29,000 job teaching school in Colorado to a $75,000 wholesaling job in St. Louis. PLUS a company car, expense account and commissions.


THE THREE KEYS which will be explained in total detail in the Jobs eBook are:

1.) We help you decide EXACTLY what it is you want to do
2.) You will discover how to get employers to CALL YOU
3.) You'll learn 3 steps guaranteed to turn every interview into a JOB OFFER

"I sent resumes in various shades of yellow (a la Joe Sabah) to every dental office in Larimar County. I got 5 interviews and 2 dentists called to thank me for the resume but they weren't hiring at the moment. I think the job I got was never even advertised. They called me first and I fit their needs so they hired me on the spot. God was really in charge. I love the commute and am so thankful I don't have to drive I-25 to work in Denver. I count wild animals instead of accidents on my commute! Thanks for your help." Dr. Elizabeth Walker


No matter where you are geographically No matter what it is you want to do occupantionally Regardless of what has happened to you in the past This eBook WILL help you get EXACTLY what you want!

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

To change what you're getting, you must change what you're doing.

How to Get the Job You Really Want AND Get Employers to Call You

Featured on 657 radio talk shows nationwide,
"How to Get the Job You Really Want"
has helped thousands of individuals get their ideal job
AND get employers to call them!

Inside "How to Get the Job You Really Want
          and Get Employers to Call You"

Part One: Deciding What to Do

  • What do you really want to do? If you are doing what you love, the money will come! Regardless of your past experience, if you are not doing what you love, this eBook will show you how to begin!
  • Finding Your Heart's Desire. Joe's eBook will walk you through exercises to expand your vision and activate your brain to SEE the greater story of your life so you can begin living it!
  • Writing Your Perfect Want Ad. Not sure what you really do want? Use Joe's technique of writing YOUR perfect want ad for the job or career you desire. Once you identify clearly what you DO want, you can begin to create it.
  • Interview for Information - NOT the Job! Learn a powerful secret that high achievers use! Learn to network with the people who are living their dream. Then learn how to get them to help YOU live yours! This simple secret is highly effective and produces immediate results!


"I wanted to tell you that about 8 years ago I was walking through a bookstore and saw a book titled "Get the Job You Want and Have Employers Call You!" Though I didn't really need a job, I couldn't resist the title! So I bought it... and read it. The part I found the most interesting was about writing your own want ad...which I did. As I said, I didn't really need a job at that point. But I was surprised a few years later, when I had switched from being a full time financial planner to being a full time speaker and trainer, that when I went back and read what I'd written in that want matched almost EXACTLY what I was then doing! THANK YOU!

I have recommended that book to MANY of my friends.... Thank you again."
—Brian C. Sturrock Los Angeles, CA



Part Two: How to Get Employers to Call You!

  • Get Employers to Call You! Yes, You Can! Learn the amazing, almost magical way to reverse the process. Learn how to intrigue employers so they want to call YOU! This simple technique works so well, it is astounding that everyone doesn't know about it and do it!
  • The Gold Form - Your Secret Employment Weapon Use the marketing trick that all major companies use! Learn the unbelievable power of COLOR! This ONE resource will give you a HUGE advantage over anyone who is sending out a standard resume! YOUR query will be opened BEFORE all the ones who sent theirs out using standard resume formats. Believe it! IT works!
  • Sources & Resources. Now that you have the Secret Weapon Gold Form, you need to know WHERE to send it. Included in "How to Get the Job You Really Want" are tons of valuable resources to help you identify where to send your Gold Form - resources that you may never have considered!
I start my wonderful new job on Friday! Your workshop was an inspiration. It got me thinking about what my ideal job is. Thank you for your generosity and sharing in facilitating your Gold Sheet Workshop. I have accepted the position of Field Education Representative for PERA, the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association. I will be traveling all over Colorado talking to the 250,000 members of PERA about their employee benefits.

Thank you also for introducing me to Lisa Whatley, who also has a challenging new job!
—Carol Kolesnikoff


Part Three: How to Turn Every Job Interview into a Job Offer!

  • 33 Ways to Ask for a Job. Learn the Power of Asking. Learn how to turn the interview into an offer. Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition. Learn the skill that will get you RESULTS - not just in getting a job, but in all areas of your life!
  • How to Get YOUR Name to the Top of the List. Simple, yet powerful technique to get your name to the TOP. Learn the ONE simple practice that will truly set you apart and make the employer want to hire you!
  • What You Think About - You Bring About. All thought creates! Learn how to focus your thoughts to bring about your desired results. Ask any successful person in any field about the power of thought! To live a championship life, you must have championship thoughts!


Part Four: Success Stories

  • Andy negotiated a raise BEFORE he started work
  • Doug got his dream job at Disney World
  • Bob's GOLD Flyer generated temporary income while he searched for his ideal job
  • Kathy was the only person the company called
  • Paul's ingenuity got him Prime Time TV Appearances


Read these success stories and more. Learn how these creative people had WILD successes using the Gold Form and Joe's 33 question technique. If they can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Don't Wait!
Order "How to Get the Job You Really Want" NOW!
Just one idea from this fabulous eBook can change your life!

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